How to Start a Descriptive Essay

Descriptive writing involves describing a person, place, an object, experience or an event. The vital thing is to decide on what exactly you are going to write about before you begin writing your essay. The essay should enable the reader to visualize the picture the writer is painting with the words through the use of effective adjectives. The writer should engage all of the reader’s senses in order to show what you are describing. When you start writing think about sight, smell, touch, and the way, something tastes and describes it in details.

Getting started is the most challenging part when doing this kind of writing. Here are some of the guidelines to follow and make your essay look good.

  1. Choosing the topic - Prior to your writing of the descriptive essay, you should select a topic that has numerous interesting points that will give you enough content. Make a comparison of different topics to select one that will work out for you.
  2. Describing your chosen subject - Come up with a good idea of describing the subject you have selected so that you can give the readers a real experience as they read. Ensure you write it in a manner that your readers completely understand your thoughts. Come up with perfect word combination to bring out your thought clearly.
  3. Drafting your essay - This is the foundation of your descriptive essay. It helps you to list down the things associated with the topic since the motive of your essay is to create an image of what you are writing about.
  4. Thesis statement - Try to start the essay in a general style as you point out the specific details, which will eventually shape up your essay. A three topics paragraph is perfect to start with. After that, you can elaborate on the essay’s basic outlines. Derive thesis statements that should be interesting in order to intrigue the readers.
  5. Introductory paragraph – make the first paragraph as interesting and understandable as you can. Each body paragraph should have clear topics to support what you want to convey. There should be transition from one paragraph to another in order for the essay to have a good flow.
  6. Conclusion - Your conclusion should summarize all your concepts because they are all important to your essay. Ending your essay with an afterthought will show some quality in your work, instead of leaving them hanging without a particular conclusion.