Cold War

The Cold War is a significant event that included the rivalry of the Soviet Union and the United States. Even though a number of events happened that occurred after World War II, the Cold War made tensions worse between the rivals at one point to when each were headed for a huge disaster. A number of other important events occurred during this era including the Cuban Missile Crisis and the deconstruction of the Berlin Wall. The war lasted for several years starting during the late 1940s through the early 1990s.

In understanding the cold war there was a number of events that took place between different countries. The United States and the Soviet Union (USSR) made threats against each other during this time even though they didn’t actually fight one another. The war brought more definition of foreign policy for each nation. At one point the conflict was seen as battle against Soviet communism and American capitalism, or how the two civilizations were different from each other. Each nation seemed to try to be better than another and engage in espionage to try and prove who was better.

What was the significance of the Cold War? This conflict occurred after World War II ended and many people thought the war was over. The two countries ran into issues that turned them against each other quickly. The idea of a country holding nuclear weapons was something many did not want to engage with. Some who studied and followed events of the war believed American society at one point was threaten by the presence of nuclear weapons. Yet, the Cold War would eventually play a big role in how policies, diplomacy and education were developed for each culture.

The Cold War had potential to blow up into another world war, but many who lived during this era are thankful it did not end this way. The war ended between the two nations peacefully soon after the Soviet empire fell apart in the late 1980s. Even though the war has ended some wonder what could have happened in nuclear weapons were used. Many countries in modern society know how significant it is to try and keep relations between each other as peaceful as possible. Since nuclear weapons have huge potential of wiping out cities and towns, the fact they were not used during the war puts many on edge as to what could happen in the future.