A Leader in Business

All businesses irrespective of size need leaders. A leader is important in business because he /she set a good example to his/her members. A leader does also disseminate information and the way forward of the business to them.

A leader is defined as an individual that influences others in order to meet specific targets and guides the organization cohesively. A leader has the personality and skills that drives people to go by his directives and intention.

Members gain knowledge from the leader as an example of how they should behave. The process of leadership is characterized by the knowledge of the leader; it is the beliefs and ethics held by the leader that makes them unique.

The most crucial role of a leader is focusing attention towards attaining specific objectives. Time is limited yet the specified objectives are to be accomplished on specified time periods.

The qualities of a good business leader are:


Leaders must be honest because employees are a reflection of the leader and therefore any action by the leader shall be imitated by the junior members. An honest leader means honest employees.

Ability to delegate

Delegation refers to assigning duties to another person together with authority. The key to delegation is establishing the capabilities of your members and making good use of those who are capable. With delegation, a leader is able to establish what the individual members like most. It also makes your team members feel trusted.

Good communication skills

Good skills of passing information to your team members are important so that they be able to receive the right information and respond accordingly.


A leader should be able to crack jokes with team members in order to create a tension free working environment and positive interaction between them and also the leader.


In some instances all your objectives aren’t fully accomplished and leaders must keep the team’s morale. The leader must ensure the team that all is well and that focus on the overall goals are paramount.


The leader should be fully committed to his work for the rest to follow suit. Committed leaders earn respect from team members. The leader also motivates the team to work hard.

In conclusion, it is important to involve good leaders for businesses to prosper well because poor quality leaders bring about dismal performance in businesses. Above all, leaders need to be adaptive to change.