For those who feel lack of fantasy: topics for cause and effect essay

If you are feeling a lack of fantasy, do not fret. There are great topics out there for cause and effect essays. You just need to know where to look.

Some topics out there might emphasize causes while others might emphasize effects. It is important to remember that these two are very closely related and are not always distinguishable. Consider though, the topics below:

  1. What effect has your parent had on your life?
  2. What effect has a teacher had on your life?
  3. What effect has a friend had on your life?
  4. Why did you select your major?
  5. What are the effects of cramming for an exam?
  6. What are the effects of peer pressure?
  7. Why do students cheat on their tests?
  8. What are the effects of growing up with a personal laptop?
  9. What are the effects of poverty on a person?
  10. Why is one college course potentially more rewarding for students than another?
  11. Why do many students not vote in local elections?
  12. Why are more students taking online courses?
  13. What are the effects of religious discrimination?
  14. What are the effects of sexual discrimination?
  15. What are the effects of racial discrimination?
  16. Why do some people exercise and not others?
  17. Why do people have pets?
  18. What are the effects of using a computer every day?
  19. Why are reality shows popular?
  20. What are the effects of bottled water on the environment?
  21. Why do some people opt not to carry a cell phone?
  22. What are the effects of pressure placed upon students to get good grades in school?
  23. What effect has a coach had on your life?
  24. What are the effects of not keeping a budget?
  25. What are the causes of noise pollution?
  26. What are the causes of light pollution?
  27. What are the effects of noise pollution?
  28. What are the effects of light pollution?
  29. Why do so few students read the newspaper?
  30. Why do Americans buy foreign cars?
  31. Why do adults watch animated movies?
  32. Why is baseball not as popular today as it was during the 40’s and 50’s?
  33. What are the effects of moving to a new city?
  34. Why are more people shopping online?
  35. Why do students drop out of high school?
  36. Why do people eat junk food they know is bad for them?
  37. Why do some roommates not get along?
  38. Why is college math so difficult for students?
  39. What effect has a book had on your life?
  40. What effect has downloading music had on the music industry?

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