Media Law in Egypt

The Media in many Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria is monitored and controlled by the government. The Media in many Middle Eastern countries is controlled and dictated by the binding and controlling governments in such countries. Also, much of the media in many Middle Eastern countries is controlled by strong religious groups like Al Jazeera. Some Middle Eastern countries are starting to change their ideology and laws when it comes to controlling what their citizens hear and read in the mass media. One of the major Middle Eastern countries who are starting to soften their laws regarding what their citizens hear and read in the media is Egypt.Egypt has made major changes in the laws that deal with the mass media. Here are a few reasons why media law in Egypt has changed:

  1. Egypt has realized the importance of staying up to date with the current events in the news.
  2. Egypt has realized that due to advancements in technology and the internet, Egyptians can get their news from other resources.
  3. Younger generations of Egyptians have demanded a change in how the government controls the mass media.
  4. Egypt has realized that for diplomacy reasons and globalization reasons, it is good if they appear to be a free and open society when it comes to the mass media.
  5. Egypt no longer wants to be considered a country that is closed minded and refuses to be open to change.
  6. Egypt has come to realize that even though they are an Islamic nation they have to respect the wants and needs of their people.

Egypt has set up training programs that teach journalists and news officials, from other countries, how to present the media in their country in a respectable manner. The Egyptian parliament has even passed laws that have set up studying programs to teach students how news should be presented in the mass media of Egypt. Egypt has come a long way when it comes to educating and training individuals regarding media law.

Egypt has realized the importance that the media and press plays in how their citizens receive important information. Also, the media is no longer completely controlled by the Egyptian government. The Egyptian government has changed many of the laws that govern the mass media there. Egypt has become a good example for many Middle Eastern countries to follow when it comes modernizing their laws, rules, and regulations regarding the control and running of media outlets.