Essential Rules Of Informative Essay Writing: How To Get A Top Grade

Your job while writing an informative essay is to “inform” rather than deliver your own opinion. This one simple fact gets ignored by writers regularly and results in their essays becoming of a lesser quality than they are capable of writing. In order to write a great informative essay and obtain a top grade, there are a few simple techniques that you need to follow.

  1. Have a Thesis Statement
  2. From the very beginning of the writing process, you must know exactly what you are writing about. For this, you need to have your topic chosen. You also need to know what you want to write about your topic. That is where your thesis statement is about. With one in hand, you will be able to go in an exact direction with your writing.

  3. Use Simple Language
  4. Using overly complicated language can put off your readers. It makes it seem like you are trying too hard. While complicated or flowery language has its place in the right places in literature, this kind of essay is certainly not the place for it. Write simple and easy to understand sentences which will hook your reader to read more.

  5. Be Impartial
  6. An informative essay is not an opinion piece. State the facts as they come from the source and do not embellish them with your own thoughts or feelings. Inform the reader and let them make up their own minds about what they are reading.

  7. Use Impeccable Sources
  8. Use sources that you know to be authentic and trustworthy. The most commonly used tool for information gathering is the internet. However, the internet is also full of information that is, at best, suspect. Be careful. Think of the consequences of using untrustworthy sources. Since the facts are being presented in your essay, any problem with the facts quoted will affect your reputation alone. As a writer, you and only you are responsible for verifying the truth of what you are writing.

  9. Give It Good Structure
  10. A haphazard approach to writing will only result in your point being lost upon the reader. Make sure you draw up an outline before you start writing so you are able to write your essay in a way that flows from one point to the other, taking the reader along with it. The traditional structure of introduction followed by body and conclusion works as well as always. Utilize that and reap the rewards.