Hijabs and Muslim Women

As part of the Arab culture women wear a cover or “hijabs.” Christian and Muslim women commonly where some type of head covering as part of their cultural beliefs. These covers vary in coverage as some cover their heads, faces, neck area and more. This form of cover may also mean you conceal your body shape and wear proper or cultural clothing. Women who live in this culture may be raised to share religious beliefs behind their culture. This includes having a preserved look that is modest in nature in line with what they believe God wants for women.

Muslim women have a number of reasons behind why they wear hijabs. A few believe this is how God wants them to be seen. They believe God wants women to cover up in this way to fulfil his commands. In other words, it is a personal way they choose to commit or devote themselves to God and his ways. This may mean they have unique faith in God and want to do what is necessary to make Him happy. There are other Muslim women that decide to cover up for more religious reasons besides devotion to God.

There are Muslim women that wear hijabs because of their Muslim faith. They believe it is a part of their identity that makes them more distinguishable among others. There are men that also where similar coverings, but there are times they have been questioned. For instance, the September 11 terrorist attacks have caused many people to mistaken someone from the Muslim faith wearing hijabs and confuse them with Islam and their identity. Unfortunately, some Muslim women have been physically harmed upon wearing this covering due the misunderstanding, but many continue to wear the covering out of spite of the stereotype.

Muslim women have been able to use their covering to help promote their culture and give more understanding about how they live. They are seen on political platforms and social opportunities providing more insight to reduce prejudice attitudes. Women have been able to stand up for themselves while feeling more confident in their place in the world, even though they still face a number of political challenges. There are Muslim women who choose not to wear such coverings simply because they feel they can show their faith and values with other options. Some feel the coverings bring on unnecessary attention that can be avoided.