Concerns For The Future

The human race depend the world for survival. We have got needs that are recurring every day. These needs have to be satisfied from the limited resources in the world. These resources are limited and there is a lot of pressure due to increase in the population. There are also other threats that are facing these resources. Due to human activities, there are certain risks are facing these resources. There are the concerns like soil erosion and soil degradation. Soil is the primary recourse. It is, however, unfortunate that soil is getting exhausted. We have to be exceedingly careful regarding the way we treat the soil. Soon there will be an enormous pressure on the land to produce enough food. Soil is losing its fertility and the population is growing with time. Thus, there will be significant pressure on it to produce enough food. This is just one of the concerns of the future.

Emission of Gasses

After Second World War, there was a lot of industrialization. Countries started to produce things in large scale. This led to the creation of many industries. There was the increase of gasses in the environment. With time, the amounts of gases that are emitted to the environment are high. The gases react leading to the destruction of the ozone layer. This has resulted in the rise in temperatures. The greenhouses gases have resulted in the greenhouse effect. There are changes in the weather conditions. This has had reaching effects on the amount of food that is produced. These results have also led to the increase in diseases and other health conditions. International community’s which are concerned about the future have come up with measures that will restrict the amount of emissions into the environment. There is the buying of carbon dioxide. This is aimed at reducing emissions by companies paying for the percentage of gasses that they release to the atmosphere.


The other primary concern for the future is over population. The space in the world is limited. The resources are limited too. This is a major concern as soon the resources might be so strained to cater for the growing population. Growth in the population may also lead to practicing other activities that might be of potential harm to the environment. People will need places to settle and may end up clearing forests so as to find a settlement.