Good Argument Essay Topics for College Students

Argument essays are a mode of discourse, where you take a position on an issue or question, and argue your point to convince the neutral reader and your opponent. Selecting a topic for an essay is perhaps the most difficult part of writing one. The arena is big, your interests vast!

Some things to keep in mind while choosing a topic are:

You can write down all the areas that interest you on a sheet of paper and then shortlist the ones you like best. Narrow down your choices by subcategories if you do not have a general idea of what you want to write about.

If nothing works, here is a list of topics you can choose from:

  1. Men/women are more intelligent than women/men are.
  2. Evolution is a fact: Teaching creationism should be banned in schools.
  3. Addiction is a personal choice: addicts should be left alone.
  4. Social classes are more detrimental to society than cultural backwardness.
  5. Wars should/should not be fought.
  6. Government should spend more/less on arms and ammunition.
  7. Israel/Palestine is the aggressor in the Middle East conflict.
  8. Bicycles are a healthier alternative to cars.
  9. Polygamy should/should not be considered natural.
  10. Acquiring a divorce should/should not be easier.
  11. Divorce is better for children than seeing their parents at war.
  12. The workday should be shorter/longer.
  13. The workweek should be shorter/longer.
  14. Minimum wage should be higher/lower.
  15. Use of stem cells from human fetus should be illegal.
  16. Abortion is/is not a personal decision.
  17. Children should/should not be strictly monitored.
  18. Child abuse laws should be stricter than they are.
  19. US Immigration laws should be relaxed/stricter.
  20. Foods that contain carcinogens should be banned from sale.
  21. Sellers of mercury-containing skin creams should be punished harshly.
  22. Humans create poverty.
  23. The global food crisis is solvable if profits are lowered or abolished.
  24. Access to condoms prevents/does not prevent teen pregnancy.