Exploring Current Social Issues: 10 Great Essay Topics for College

When you work on a sociology essay, you will have plenty of topics to choose from. The issues you can write about are literally all around you. Just pick the one you find most interesting. In case you are still unable to decide which social issue to focus on, study the following list of suggestions:

  1. Social issues caused by changing age.
  2. Psychology of crime: why people do what they do.
  3. Study of the most common social problems of the 21st century.
  4. Transition from a teenager into an adult.
  5. Emotional relationships between parents and adolescents.
  6. The role of parental advice in a teenager’s life.
  7. Psychological consequences of parental indoctrination with their belief systems.
  8. Establishing workplace bonds as a way to prevent discrimination.
  9. Age discrimination in the process of employment.
  10. Guide for parents: how to cope with your child’s depression.

Social issues are so complex that you can write essays on them for years and still only scratch the surface. The best thing about these papers is that you can offer your own ideas that are totally different from traditionally accepted views on these matters. As long as you can find some solid evidence to support your opinion, you can develop any theory you personally believe in.

As most of your evidence will come from polls and surveys, you can conduct your own and literally create evidence that will corroborate your ideas. This allows you a lot of flexibility with choosing a topic. You definitely should use this opportunity in order to create an outstanding paper that will make a strong impression on your peers and teachers.

However, you shouldn’t forget the requirements that any good essay topic must meet: