How to Write an Argumentative Essay Thesis Statement: Tips & Examples

To get a top score on a paper, students must pick a good thesis. The best thesis statements make a strong argument and are supported by evidence. If the student is not a naturally talented writer, they may want to get help from a professor or a tutor. With additional help, students will be able to create a strong argument and a good thesis statement.

Creating the Thesis

An argumentative essay is designed to make an argument. With this in mind, students should should pick a thesis that they have a strong opinion about. This may be a controversial issue or a topic that is in the media. Once the student has chosen a topic, they should review their initial opinion. There is always a chance that the student may end up writing for the opposing side of the argument after they have reviewed the evidence.

Argue for the Other Side

To figure out the strength of their argument, students should try arguing for the opposing side. This allows the student to see potential holes or flaws in their own argument. In addition, it ensures that the student is ready to counter any arguments from other students. The student will want to research new information and find relevant statistics. Ultimately, the thesis should be backed up by the strongest evidence that the student can find.

Remember the Audience

Although the student believes in a specific viewpoint, the audience may have an opposing belief. Students should remember that supporters and opponents will end up reading the essay. With this in mind, students should be respectful to the other side while still stating their case. If the student is extremely good at persuasive writing, they may be able to convince the audience that their side of the issue is the right one.

Find an Example

Some students may be unfamiliar with this type of writing. If the student does not know how to write an argumentative essay, they should read through several examples before they begin. In the example, the student should highlight how the author developed and supported their argument.

Topic Sentences

In each paragraph, the student will basically have miniature thesis statements. These statements are known as the topic sentence. Each one of the topic sentences should build on the original thesis. Once the student has decided on a topic sentence, they should use one or two pieces of information to support their argument.