How to find a quality plagiarism-free essay sample

This is an easy subject to cover. Most of the time when a student asks themselves this question, they think it is harder than it is. But the fact is, there are many places to find a good essay sample, that is Plagiarism free.

  1. School and Public Library
  2. Journals
  3. Textbooks
  4. Style guides and writing handbooks
  5. Websites
  6. Synopsis’s

These are all places to find good usable sample essays. Of all of these, the Style guide can be your weakest; because they do not always have samples in them. But when they do, they are good usable samples.


Your school and public libraries will have books on how to write essays and specific styles of essays. These books will have sample essays in them to show how to write what they talked about. The Libraries will also have a good selection of other books and journals that will have essays in them that you can use an example. Always make sure the essay style fits the style you are about to write.


Journals will often carry essays by different writers and people in the field of that journal. These are professional people, that are checked before the publication of the essay. So you will have a very safe bet that the quality of the essay will be a good one.


Textbooks are for teaching you how to do what you are learning. It is often that your textbooks have essays by people from the field the book is teaching on. Also your language, literature books will have them. In school you will have a huge assortment of resources. And many of them are right in your own hands.

Guides and Handbooks

Style guides and Writing Handbooks commonly have them, more so the Writing Handbook. You already will have these at hand, these are books that every student needs. Especially in college or a university.


There are many websites that are designed for students to use. Often your school will have one that will have samples on it. But even other sites will have information on writing essays, and include a sample or more.


Some Professors include a sample essay from one of their past students. This is to show the new students what they are looking for. If your Professor or instructor has this in their synopsis, make very sure you pay attention to it. This is there for your benefit, not the one that wrote it.