How To Start And Finish A College Essay

Writing a college essay includes understanding your topic and how to present related data to your reading audience. Two important aspects for any essay include the introduction and the conclusion. There are certain pieces of information that is expected to be mentioned in these areas that help readers understand the full scope of the project. The following points can help give a general idea on how to start and finish your college essay.

Start Your Essay with a Strong Introduction

The introduction is what introduces readers to the topic or main idea behind the essay. The introduction is a paragraph that includes roughly 5 sentences while serving an important purpose for the essay. Your thesis or main idea or argument will be introduced. This paragraph may feature a unique piece of information to help hook readers early and encourage them to keep reading. A topic sentence may help introduce a concept and the thesis statement may be one or two sentences that follow the topic sentence. Sometimes the thesis statement may appear at the end of this paragraph but it depends on the type of essay and how the writer choses to introduce the essay purpose.

Finish Your Essay with a Conclusion that Brings the Topic to a Close

The conclusion of an essay can include something you want people to remember or what you felt was significant about the topic. The conclusion should close out the essay and the topic without giving readers the impression more information will follow. Some students have trouble with the conclusion since it may or may not mention certain details. It can summarize points mentioned in the essay but at the same time bring the essay to the end.

Other Details to Remember for College Essay Writing

How you start and end your essay can leave lasting impressions on the readers. These parts of the essay can be the most challenging for students no matter your writing level. You can read writing samples that provide insight on how to start or end an essay and what you should avoid. You should also take time to revise and edit your content to make sure the message gets across to your audience the way you intended. Failing to review your content could present confusion to readers and they may lose interest in your content.