How to Write a 4 Paragraph Essay - a Tutorial for Beginners

Some people will tell you that writing a four paragraph essay is the easiest type of essay to write. And they are correct when it comes to the actual number of words you will produce. Generally speaking a 4 paragraph essay will not be very long.

But the principles which apply to writing an excellent four paragraph essay are exactly the same principles which apply in a much longer and larger essay; in fact the same principles apply in writing research papers, dissertations and almost every other type of academic paper. If you are a beginner when it comes to writing a four paragraph essay then here is a heads up on how to do it and do it well.

It's important that you know the structure of a four paragraph essay. It is as follows. First paragraph is the introduction. The second and third paragraphs are known as fact paragraphs. The fourth paragraph is the conclusion. They are the components of the structure and you should understand the definition of each of those parts.

The introduction is just that. It serves to introduce the theme or topic of your essay. It will contain the thesis statement and it will prepare the reader for what is to come. The second and third paragraphs will each have one main point. The first or major main point will appear in the second paragraph and the second or lesser main point will appear in your third paragraph. You can have supporting points for each of your two main points but you will only have one main point in each paragraph.

The conclusion is the summary of what you have written in the previous three paragraphs. It is a précis version of what has gone before. It should reinforce the points you've made and make the reader feel satisfied that they have wound up your piece of prose. Make sure that you never introduce new material in your conclusion.

You must choose the right topic for your essay. If you choose a topic you don't like or in which you have little or no knowledge you're making a rod for your own back. Having chosen the topic you must create a detailed plan. This will have subheadings of each paragraph and the points you intend to make will be noted under each subheading.

And finally once you've finished writing your four paragraph essay you must learn to become good at finding mistakes and correcting such things as any repetition and vague writing.