Apartheid in South Africa: Nelson Mandela Changed the Country

Apartness if the definition of Apartheid in Afrikaans. It is the racial segregation political party that first began in 1948. With the formation of this party come a number of changes.

The Facts of Apartheid

After the South African National Party took over power, their group pioneered Apartheid. Because of Apartheid whites were separated from non-whites and Africans were separated from other people of color, including Asians and Indians.

The Demolition of Apartheid

It was in the 1980s that Apartheid began to all apart. And then in 1985 when mixed marriages were once again allowed, everything else seemed to gall in place. The Pass laws were demolished and segregation laws become weak. It was in 1994 that the Apartheid system was completely abolished after President F.W. de Klerk allowed whites to vote and Nelson Mandela was elected into office.

Difficult Times to Endure

The Apartheid was a difficult time to endure for those who were a part of it, but thankfully the laws were changed so that segregation was no longer something that would be experienced. It was more than 40 years of hard times, until human rights were restored in 1990. Blacks and colored people were being killed, arrested and the government was organized in such a method that they were not being treated equally. It was Nelson Mandela elected into office that changed the world as well as Apartheid. Today the world can be thankful for this man and all of the peace and changes to human rights that he brought forth after a long battle between whites and non-whites.