How To Write An Elaborate Persuasive Speech

Before giving a speech you’ll want to make sure you have thought of everything! When you sit down to write your speech, make sure you know everything about persuasive speeches and what elements they should contain.

The ultimate goal of the speech should be to influence other people. You need to have a thorough understanding of your subject and a good grasp of your audience’s preconceived perceptions. Think of things from your audience’s point of view.

How can sample speeches help?

Even if the topic is not exactly the same as yours, using a sample speech to learn a few things from when writing your own speech is a good idea. Here’s how a sample can help you:

Steps to writing an elaborate speech

  1. Make sure you understand your subject very well. Remember you are going to try to persuade your audience to think your way. You can’t do this if they know more about it than you do!
  2. Know what your audience’s perceptions are. Are there obstacles that prevent them from seeing a different point of view? What are these obstacles? The purpose of your speech will be to tear them down so they can get a bigger picture.
  3. Don’t ignore your audience’s obstacles; acknowledge them. You will gain their trust by doing so. You want them to be riveted to their chairs when listening to you. You do this by putting yourself in their place and understanding their stance before you persuade them into believing your stance.
  4. Practice your speech before you try to deliver it. Say it out loud. Get a trial audience first if you can, such as friends or family. Read the speech to yourself in front of a mirror. What words are hard to say? What sentences do you trip over? Fix these in the final draft.
  5. Make sure your introduction shines. This is where you will either have their attention and they will want to listen to you, or you will see them dozing in their chairs.